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In 1980, we started to operate in the Yeni sanayi on ​​60 m2 area in the first stage of the production of tipper and semi-trailers. In order to provide better service to our customers, in 1990 we started to serve our customers first in a closed area of ​​200 m2 and then in a closed area of ​​400 m2. Oz Dogu Damper & Dorse has been serving successfully to the companies and businessmen working in different sectors with the manufacturing experience since 1980 and will continue to give. For this purpose, we are proud of providing continuous service to our esteemed customers in the 2nd Organized Industry with 12.000 m2 closed area and 20.000 m2 in total.
We are proud to have more then 40-years past history serving the Automotive industries in Turkey and abroad. Simetri tanks is a company which has specialized in the engineering & manufacturing of Fuel Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks, Water tanks as well as formed (Deep drawing /stempting) metal parts of heavy good vehicles for more then 40 years. The company has always been remained as a family-owned medium size company and enjoyed steady growth, both in terms of the number of employees and metal work facilities and machinery. Thanks to continious investment and up-dating of machineries and improved methods of production.This was due partly to the steadily increasing orders, inline with the growth of country’s economy. We are always try to maintaine our positions in the domestic market and in the foreign markets( predominantly amoung EU countries). We shall continue to increase our share of the both markets with our investments and the products we make. Acuiring of new machineries (new fuly-otomated robot), restructuring and relocation of the factory have increased the capacity of production of Al-tanks by almost double fold. Which is in line with the forcast of Al-tanks to be adopted by the majority of OEMs. Product engineering and development are conducted in close liaison with the leading OEMs. Performance, reliability, quality, and safety – which are the forces that drive innovation at Simetri. So the partnership with our customers starts at the production stages. Our core business is processing sheet metals (Aluminum, Steel and Stainless steel) using the latest dividing & shaping Technologies, CNC cutters, bending by CNC presses, Robot weldings, electrostatic powder painting and phosphating. The commitment, expertize and skill of Simetri are also shown in the ability to customize the products according to specific standards requested by the customers. So we are a suppliers whose quality management is certified in accordance with DIN/ISO 9000/9001. Our Production;Thanks to our software system, gives us complete Material Requirements Planing (MRP) control over all scheduling / purchasing functions. Which ables us to meet Just in Time (JIT) and most other delivery requirements. The most of our products are produced with the newly acuired up-to-date machinaries and production processes in our recently established manufacturing plants. All the manufacturing steps are documented and archived. Our approach to the product planing, design and manufacturing gives us the flexibility to create many different models from a basic one, upon request of our customers! When the Standard models of our products do not meet your requirements then we can always re-design / alter specifically to suite your requirements. Thanks to the Computer-Aided- Design (CAD) system in our manufacturing plants, which enhances our ability to create what you want? We shall be pleased to serve you with our qualified, motivated, forward thinking workforce.
OZKAR, continuing it activities in petroleum sector without conceding the principles of quality since 2002, has always developed to reach the top and been opted by main fuel oil distribution companies, importers and constructing companies in terms of sectoral equipments and applications. OZKAR has achieved countless of projects and service safely and by protecting the environment in accordance with international and local standards up to now all around Turkey. Meanwhile Ozkar keeps on service and product supply in foreign market actively.
SERIN Trailer Company established as a small workshop in 1972 at Konya, and started to give services by producing axles to the transport sector. As a small company on that time SERIN Trailer exported axles to the Middle East countries, and it becomes an effective firm within the sector by producing container carrier trailers in 1980. Besides getting profit, by giving importance to quality and customer satisfaction SERIN Trailer becomes a famous brand in the sector by using this principle. Serin moved to its new factory on 2nd Industrial area in 1991 after the market demand increased. Directed to supporting the machine park investment with investment in the production of modern technology in Serin, this year its open to production the factory in 3rd OSB with 20 thousand m2 of space on the installation of 12 thousand m2 closed area of production in addtions to second factory located in Konya 2nd OSB with 12,000 m2 From Konya, In the heart of Anatolia, producing vehicles at European standards , the contribution we make to the national economy and thus we are proud to provide employment for 300 people.
SINAN TANKER TREYLER We, as Sinan Tanker Trailer Metal Transporting Industry Trade Limited Co., date back to 1982 and are a company producing trust as the company left many years behind in its sector. Being one of the pioneers of the sector, our company is taking a pride in taking your part with a more professional approach based on constant development, more superior servicing and more specialist employee policy. Knowing no bounds with their services in fuel oil sector which is developing continuously, Sinan Tanker is experiencing the happiness of always being in the lead with the importance attached to R & D studies, specialist and trained personnel and engineer staff in their sector with the support of you, our esteemed customers. Registering their products and quality with TSE, VEHICLE TYPE-APPROVAL, REGISTRATION OF TRADEMARK, WPS, WPAR, HYB, E Guarantee, SSHYB certificates and exporting to many foreign countries with the ISO 9001 2008 certificate, our company renews itself day by day enhancing its product portfolio and product range and renders service with its all sorts of fuel oil tankers, Loader, Trailer, Semi trailer, product storage vessels, Water sprinklers and fire brigade truck products. Targeting to achieve the better to do their full share of work in meeting the changing world technology and increasing requirement rates, our company will try to be right beside you, our esteemed customers, producing quality and confidence with the excitement on the first day. TRUTHFULLY,
Our company TATAR TEKNOLOJI TIC. is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company TATAR TEKNOLOJI TIC., a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Turkey. Made in Turkey products we are supplying are as follows: Pump Turkey Submersible Pump Turkey Fuel Tank Turkey. Please fill in the RFQ form inside this page to get a quote from us. We will reply you with our best price offer shortly..
Starting its business life with its factory established in Gaziantep in 1977, Teknik Tanker started to operate in Istanbul to meet much more qualified services to their customers. Still operating in Koca Sinan Industrial Zone, Teknik Tanker manufactures with its experienced staff on 300 m2 opened, 1000 m2 closed area and 200 m2 paint workshop. Our company is supplier and exporter of tanker, stainless tanker, aluminum tanker, classic tanker, food tankers, water tankers, oil tankers.We will be glad to be your reliable and regular supplier for your requirements.